Bring a unique approach to the dispute and let the mediation process percolate!

Outside the Box Dispute Resolution Center is here to help find resolutions that work, which often requires being creative, clever and thinking "Outside the Box." Yet, unless those who have a problem or dispute are willing to get together, in person or by web cam, and make the effort, the problem or dispute will fester, linger and even grow and no resolution can be had. The first order of business is to get the parties to agree on a date and time, something soon, and to have the parties come to the mediation with a desire to find a solution. Please go to Services to learn about the Invitation and Scheduling Process and rates for our mediation and arbitration services.

With an "Outside The Box" approach to mediation, David pulls, pushes and steadies parties throughout their journey toward the agreement that frees them from the uncertainty, the emotional cost, and the financial burden that comes with litigation and brings them to a place where they are at peace with the process. He facilitates an agreement between or among parties who, more often than not, are not just glad the case is over, but are genuinely pleased with the outcome!
Mediate when convenient to the parties who are in the dispute or who have a problem needing to be addressed: morning, afternoons and evenings 7 days each week.