Mediation Testimonials
"David DeLugas is a mediator with patience, tenacity, creativity and the skill to get the job done. I had the pleasure of working with David as mediator in one of the most contentious cases of my practice. I gave the case little hope of settlement, but was willing to try once more. David hung in there with two very stubborn litigants and they reached an exceptional settlement. I plan to use David DeLugas as a mediator again."

- Vic Hill, Hill-MacDonald, LLC, Marietta, Georgia
"I was very fortunate that David DeLugas agreed to serve as mediator in one of my domestic relations cases. This matter was exceptionally contentious, having begun probably 5 years ago. Mr. DeLugas mediated four separately filed actions. There were numerous issues. The parties disliked each other and custody, child support, and conditions of visitation were all at issue. David DeLugas is an exceptional mediator. I plan to use him frequently."

- Stephen C. Steele, Moore, Ingram, Johnson & Steele, LLP , Marietta, Georgia

Attorneys and Insurance companies whose have expressed confidence in Outside the Box Mediation:

Penn-America Insurance Co

Travelers Insurance Company

State Farm Insurance Company


Stephen C. Steele Esq. |Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele, LLP | Marietta, Geogia

Karen Brown Williams, Esq. | The Williams Firms, P.C. | Marietta, Georgia

Andrew W. Jones, Esq. | Andrew W. Jones, P.C. | Marietta, Georgia

Kelly Anne Miles, Esq.| Smith, Gilliam, Williams & Miles, P.A. | Gainesville, Georgia

Peter V. Hasbrouck, Esq. | Martenson Hasbrouck & Simons LLP|

Charles McCall Medin, Esq. | Bovis, Kyle & Burch, LLC | Atlanta and Cummings, Georgia

Vic Brown Hill, Esq. |Hill-MacDonald, LLC | Marietta, Georgia

David K. Rusnak, Esq. | Scoggins & Goodman, P.C.| Atlanta, Georgia

Roger F. Krause, Esq. | Roger F. Krause, P.C .| Atlanta, Georgia

Phaedra C. Parks, Esq. |The Parks group |Atlanta, Georgia

Andrew W. Estes, Esq. |Brasstown, North Carolina

Carl Pubs, Esq. | Puls & Associate, P.C | Decatur, Georgia

William H. Norton, Esq. |Marietta, Georgia

John L. Collar, Jr Esq. |Boyd Collar Knight, LLC |Atlanta, Georgia

James E. Brim, III Esq.|Forrester & Brim |Gainesville, Georgia

Barry P. Schwartz, Esq. |Kessler, Schwartz & Solomiany, P.C. |Atlanta, Georgia

Heide Gelger, Esq.| Geiger & Associates, LLC| Atlanta, Georgia

William B. Hollberg, Esq. | Holdberg & Weaver LLP | Atlanta, Georgia

Peter R York Esq. | Hawkins & Parnell | Atlanta, Georgia

Darcy S. Duval, Esq.| Claxton & Claxton LLC | Atlanta, Georgia

Valerie E. Pinkett, Esq | Swift, Currie, McGhee & Hilers, LLP | Altanta, Georgia

Stephen Dermer, Esq | Magill & Atkinson, LLP| Atlanta, Georgia

Ben C. Broadhead, III Esq | Broadhead Law, LLC| Atlanta, Georgia

Divida Gude, Esq. | Law offices of Divida Gude | Atlanta, GA

Hillman J. Toombs, Esq. | Hillman J. Toombs & Associates, P.C. |Riverdale, Georgia

Andrew Schultz, Esq. | Fain, Major & Brennan, P.C. | Atlanta, Georgia