If you are not an attorney, you still can schedule a mediation session or arbitration session for the lawsuit in which you are a party. If you have a dispute, but a lawsuit does not yet exist and you prefer trying to find a solution without filing suit yourself or you prefer not just waiting to see if someone sues you, you still may attempt to schedule a mediation by having us contact the person or company with whom you have a dispute or who you believe has a dispute with you!
If you are ready to attempt mediation as a way to find a solution or to have a "trial" (called arbitration) that will give you a decision that you and the other party have to accept as your outcome, then schedule the mediation or arbitration using the links on this page. Fill in your information and the contact information for the person or company with whom you have a dispute (or the attorney for the person or company). Please be sure to read about the process and the costs on the Services page.  For a $75 Invitation and Scheduling Fee, we will contact the other side to arrange the mediation or arbitration on a date and at a time convenient for you!  Call or email us using the Contact Us page.